๐Ÿ‘ฅICR Program Advisory Panel

Program Advisory Panel (PAP): The PAP plays a vital role in contributing to ICR's policies and strategic direction. The PAP is not involved in day-to-day operations but provides advisory to ICR on its mission, vision and direction and as an input into ICR Board decisions and guided by ICR Program Advisory Panel procedures.


  • Advises on the development and refinement of ICR's long-term strategic direction, ensuring it aligns with the mission, vision, and environmental sustainability goals.

  • Evaluates the effectiveness of current strategies and suggests adjustments to adapt to new opportunities or changing circumstances.


  • Provides recommendations on key policies to support the strategic objectives of ICR, including ethical guidelines, environmental policies, and operational procedures.

  • Ensures suggested policies enhance ICR's mission and are communicated effectively within the organization.


  • Advises on compliance with legal, regulatory, and ethical standards, emphasizing adherence to environmental standards and regulations.

  • Suggests mechanisms for monitoring compliance and advises on corrective actions for any deviations or issues identified.

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