Using ICR apps

You can install ICR Apps on any organization you are admin of.

About installing ICR apps

When installing ICR apps it's common to initiate the process from the app owner's website. Typically, you'll find a 'Connect to ICR' button, guiding you through a familiar OAuth flow that connects your ICR organization to your user account on the App developer's website. This process ensures a secure connection between your organization and the ICR app.

During installation, the app will present a clear overview of the permissions it requires. You, as the admin, will have the opportunity to review these permissions before deciding to accept or decline the installation. There are no restrictions on the number of apps you can install within a single organization.

Granting an app permission means allowing it to access specific resources within your organization. ICR will explicitly outline the permissions requested by the app during the installation process, providing transparency about its intended actions.

Before installing an ICR App, you should ensure you trust the owner of the ICR App. Only organization administrators have the authority to install, uninstall, or suspend apps within their respective organizations. This administrative control ensures a structured and secure management of installed applications

You can install the same ICR App on multiple organizations and there is no limit to how many apps can be installed on an organization.

You should also review the permissions that the ICR App is requesting and make sure you are comfortable granting those permissions.

Installing an ICR app

During the installation process, the app owner will direct you to a CarbonRegistry URL to install the ICR App. The URL will look something like, where APP-NAME is the name of the ICR App.

  1. Select the organization where you want to install the ICR App.

  2. Review the permissions that the app is requesting.

  3. Click Install, if you are comfortable with the requested permissions or Cancel if you are not.

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