๐Ÿ“„Documents and files

For projects to be eligible for registration, they need to upload documentation. There is further difference in what documentation is required for different stages. Please refer to ICR process requirements for details about necessary documentation for different project statuses.

From the project home screen or the project side panel, you choose Documents and files.


When you enter the Documents tab, you'll see multiple options.

From the upload button, you select the type of document you want to upload.

From the upload window, you need to disclose the type of document you're uploading.

From the upload screen you select the document type and then select if the document is a draft document or a final document.

Then you select if the document is a private or public document.

When you have provided the basic info you either drag and drop the file to the upload field or browse for it in your file explorer.

When you have selected the file you need to apply a file name to the document.

Please consider file name guidelines from template documents.

From the documents overview you can manage your documents (until validation). Amend them, upload new versions and other documents. Also you can manage if documents are publicly available or not.

Some documents need to be publicly available, while they're in draft they may be private for some stages.

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