Side Panel

The side panel provides you with multiple options during the registration process and when you have completed the registration and manage ICC inventory, submit verification and monitoring reports, or update relevant information about your project.

Side Panel view

You open the side panel by clicking "Actions" from the top right corner of your project home screen.

Side Panel

The actions available for the Side panel are the following:

  • View public profile

  • Mitigation Actions

  • Update Information

  • Transfer Project

View public profile

From the Side panel, you can view how the project looks from the publicly available profile. Here, you can check if your project is presented in a user-friendly manner or needs to be improved.

Mitigation Actions

From the side panel you can control any credit actions relating to your project.

  • Issue

  • Receive

  • Transfer

  • Retire

  • Cancel

Update information

From the Side panel, you can provide or update any information relating to the project. Information sections are:

  • Base information

  • Mitigations

  • Project location

  • Disclose Benefits

  • Documents

  • People

Transfer project

From the side panel, you can transfer the project to another organization.

Consider carefully that this action is irreversible unless the receiving organization transfers the project back.

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