๐Ÿ†•New Project Home Screen

When you have completed providing the basic information you will be directed to the project home screen.

You will see a progress panel indicating information yet to be completed. You can also see that your project has been assigned an ICR ID that you need to use for your Project Design Description. You can see the ICR ID below the project name.

To continue the progress, you need to complete a few steps.

  • Information about GHG emission mitigations

  • Project location details

  • Benefits from the projects, additionality, and SDG's

  • Documentation

  • Members

No projects are publicly listed until they have been reviewed by the ICR. See submit for ICR review.

To continue the registration progress you can either select from the progress panel the next information to complete or click Actions from the top right section and select from the side panel relevant information to complete.

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