Cancelling credits

Start by going to your organization's dashboard and navigate to the inventory tab.

There you can see your whole credit inventory. Find the project and vintage that you want to canel credits from and press the actions menu button as displayed in the image ๐Ÿ‘†From the actions menu dropdown choose Cancel .

This will take you to the Cancellation credit flow.

There you need to insert information for this cancellation action.

  1. Credit: the credit to cancel - which defaults on the credit-row from your inventory that you pressed on.

  2. Total credits to cancel: the amount of credits, in tCO2, to cancel

  3. Cancellation reason: a required comment for the cancellation.

Then you can press continue and review the cancellation action.

If all the information is correct you can confirm the cancellation and confirm again on the popup window.

After the cancellation has completed , which can take up to ~1 minute, you can navigate to the Transactions tab on your organization's dashboard where you can see the status of the cancellation and download a receipt for the transaction.

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