Credit data

Because all ICR credits are issued on a public blockchain (currently only on Polygon) you don't need ICR's permission to query / explore / use ICR credit data. You can get the data permissionlessly. There are at least two ways you can get the data.

  1. We have a subgraph created using theGraph (testnet subgraph - mainnet test contracts subgraph) which anyone can use to get information on the state of ICR credits. The subgraph is both queryable via applications / servers and searchable via the hosted graph ui (see the link before). Developers can use the indexed data to get the most important onchain data for each credit, like supply, serialization, retirements, cancellations, estimated mitigations etc.

  2. You can use a blockchain provider of your choice (for example alchemy / infura) and then use either their SDKs (if your provider has one) or use ethers / web3 to query the onchain contracts and historical events. See the ICR contracts here.

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