๐Ÿ“„ICR Stakeholder Forum - Terms of Reference


The ICR Stakeholder Forum is established as a platform for stakeholders to engage with the International Carbon Registry. The forum aims to facilitate communication, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas among stakeholders, including buyers of International Carbon Credits (ICCs), affected entities, and other relevant parties. The forum aims to facilitate discussions, knowledge sharing, collaboration, share insights, and cooperation between stakeholders and the ICR in relating to developing the ICR Program and other initiatives.


The primary objectives of the ICR Stakeholder Forum are as follows:

  • Facilitate Communication: Provide a unified platform for stakeholders to communicate with the ICR, share feedback, and address concerns.

  • Enhance Understanding: Foster a better understanding of the ICR's processes, standards, and initiatives among stakeholders.

  • Collaborative Engagement: Foster collaboration between Stakeholders and the ICR to enhance the quality and effectiveness of ICRs processes.

  • Quality Assurance: Enhance transparency and understanding of the project registration and verification processes and contribute to continuous improvement of project development and registration practices.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Forum Members: Stakeholders who are buyers of ICCs, and other relevant parties may become members of the forum.

Forum Administrator: Appointed by the ICR to oversee forum operations and communications.


Eligibility: Membership is open to organizations and individuals involved with ICCs and/or GHG projects. Users need to have completed a KYC and the associated organization needs to have been KYBd with ICR prior to approval.

Membership Application: Membership applications are subject to approval by the forum administrator.

Approval: Members are required to participate in forum activities and adhere to forum guidelines actively.

Operation of the Forum:


The forum shall conduct regular meetings, webinars, and knowledge-sharing sessions.

  • Forum meetings shall be held bi-annually on the second Tuesday of March and the second Tuesday of September. If a national holiday the meeting shall be held the following Wednesday.

  • Meetings are conducted virtually to accommodate international participation.

  • Webinars and Knowledge-sharing sessions are held based on the needs and requests of forum members.


Meeting agendas will be set by the ICR in consultation with forum members.

  • Forum discussions shall cover relevant topics and emerging trends in GHG validation and verification relating to the ICR program.

  • Forum members shall collaborate and align their participation with the forum's goals

Communication channels:

Communication channels are established for forum members to engage and access updates.

  • ICR uses Slack for discussion forums. Upon approval of membership, members are invited to join the discussion forum.

  • Discussions are moderated by the ICR admin to ensure adherence to guidelines.

Record Keeping:

  • Minutes and records of forum discussions will be maintained by the ICR and made available to members.

  • Resources, including documents, reports, and training materials, are made available to forum members. Completed documentation is published publicly on the ICRs website.

Members are expected to actively participate in forum discussions, share insights, and contribute constructively to the forum's objectives. The forum administrator will moderate discussions, ensure compliance with forum guidelines, and facilitate communication between members and the ICR.


Membership in the forum is voluntary, and members may choose to leave at any time.

The ICR reserves the right to terminate membership in the event of non-compliance with forum guidelines or disruptive behavior.

Application for Membership:

Organizations or individuals interested in joining the forum can apply by submitting a membership application to the ICR.

Applications will be reviewed, and membership approval will be communicated to applicants.


These terms of reference are subject to periodic review to ensure their relevance and effectiveness.

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