๐Ÿ‘คJavier Castro


Javier Castro stands at the forefront of sustainability and greenhouse gas (GHG) management, marking significant strides as the General Manager of the International Association of Validation and Verification (IAVVB) in Geneva, Switzerland, and as an Independent Sustainability Consultant through Jocv Sustainability in Munich, Germany. At IAVVB, he enhances technical collaborations with key environmental bodies, including the UNFCCC and Gold Standard, while steering the association through regulatory landscapes and international representations.

His consultancy endeavors are dedicated to elevating GHG inventories and developing sustainability standards for diverse entities. Leveraging his vast experience, Javier plays a crucial role in shaping initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

His profound expertise is rooted in his tenure at TรœV SรœD Industrie Service GmbH and SustainCert S.A., where he championed sustainability services, standards, and certifications. As the Head of Certification at SustainCert S.A., he led a team responsible for all certification decisions, underscoring his leadership in optimizing work processes and establishing rigorous standards. His work at TรœV SรœD, spanning various roles in business development, GHG training, and knowledge management, has established him as a key contributor to the sustainability field. Javier's hands-on experience in these roles, combined with his strategic participation in expert forums and committees, cements his status as a distinguished figure in the global sustainability landscape.

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