About creating ICR apps

ICR Apps let you build integrations to automate processes and extend ICR's functionality.

About ICR apps

An ICR App is a type of integration that you can build to interact with and extend the functionality of ICR.

Common use cases for ICR Apps include:

  • Automating tasks or background processes - specifically regarding project's data.

  • Moving credits to marketplaces for sale.

  • As a part of a larger Carbon Credit accounting system.

ICR Apps act independently of a user / organization. So each action taken by an app is documented as originating from that particular app.

ICR Apps can be installed directly on organizations and granted access to specific functionalities. They come with built-in webhooks and specific permissions.

By default, only organization owners can manage the settings of ICR Apps in an organization.

Building an ICR app

In order to build an ICR App, you first need to register an ICR App. For more information, see "Registering an ICR App."

Then, you need to write code to add functionality to your ICR App. You can use the credentials from your ICR App registration to make authenticated requests to ICR's APIs. For more information about making authenticated requests, see "About authentication with an ICR App."

In order to use your ICR App, you must install the app on your organization.

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