๐Ÿ‘คGudmundur Sigbergsson

Chief Executive Officer - CEO


Guรฐmundur Sigbergsson is recognized for his significant contributions to climate action and carbon market transparency. He founded the International Carbon Registry (ICR), a greenhouse gas (GHG) program and climate registry, aiming to scale up real climate impacts through transparent carbon market practices. Guรฐmundur leverages his BSc in civil and environmental engineering from the University of Iceland and further studies in risk management from Lund University of Technology, focusing on finance and fire engineering. Guรฐmundur's professional background includes serving as managing director at the Central Bank of Iceland from 2010 to 2018 and later founding iCert, a certification body acquired by EY in 2022.

Beyond his role at ICR, Guรฐmundur has been actively involved in climate actions, collaborating with both domestic and international organizations. His efforts include chairing a technical committee within Icelandic Standards on responsible offsetting and sector committee on environment and climate and participating in the Nordic Dialogue on Voluntary Compensation, which focuses on the best practices for using carbon credits. Guรฐmundur has also managed projects related to the development of frameworks for carbon credit issuances based on CO2 mineralization, contributing to initiatives like Carbfix, among others

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