๐Ÿ‘ฅICR Board

Board of Directors: The board plays a vital role in setting policies and strategic direction, BoD is not involved in day-to-day operations but are a part of Management review and ICR board procedure.

  • Strategy:

    • Develops and approves the long-term strategic direction of the organization.

    • Ensures the strategic goals align with the organization's mission and the broader context of environmental sustainability and carbon management.

    • Reviews and evaluates the effectiveness of strategies and makes adjustments as needed to adapt to changing circumstances or new opportunities.

  • Policy:

    • Establishes key policies governing the organization's operations, including ethical guidelines, environmental policies, and operational procedures.

    • Ensures that policies support the strategic objectives and are effectively communicated and implemented throughout the organization.

    • Regularly reviews and updates policies to reflect changes in the external environment, regulatory requirements, and best practices.

  • Compliance:

    • Oversees the organization's adherence to legal, regulatory, and ethical standards.

    • Ensures compliance with relevant environmental standards, such as ISO 14064, and other applicable international and national regulations.

    • Monitors compliance through regular reports from management and external audits, taking corrective actions when necessary to address any deviations or issues.

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