๐ŸšฆImpartiality policy


The International Carbon Registry (ICR) is committed to upholding the highest standards of impartiality and objectivity in all its activities related to the validation and verification of projects and climate impacts and registration of climate projects, issuance and transactions with ICCs. This policy outlines ICR's dedication to maintaining impartiality and ensuring that conflicts of interest or other factors do not compromise ICR's integrity.

Commitment to Impartiality

ICR is dedicated to conducting its operations with absolute impartiality, fairness, and neutrality. We are committed to avoiding conflicts of interest and providing services that are free from undue influence. Our impartiality is essential to building trust in our registration processes of climate projects and issuances of carbon credits.

Identifying and Managing Conflicts of Interest

ICR identifies and manages any potential conflicts of interest among its personnel, management, and external partners involved in validation and verification activities. This includes disclosing any financial interests, relationships, or other factors that could compromise impartiality. Conflicts of interest will be evaluated, and appropriate measures will be taken to mitigate their impact.

Independence and Objectivity

ICR ensures that its personnel involved in registration, issuance and transaction, and involved in validation and verification activities remain independent and objective in their judgments and decisions. Personnel must not allow any external pressures, incentives, or relationships to influence their assessments.


ICR is committed to providing transparent information regarding registration, issuance and transactions with ICCs and validation and verification processes. Clients and stakeholders will have access to clear and comprehensive information about how decisions are made, standards are applied, and how impartiality is maintained.


ICR acknowledges the importance of confidentiality in registration, issuance and transactions with ICCs and the validation and verification process. All information received from clients and project developers will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and is only disclosed as required by law or agreed upon with the involved parties and as stipulated in the ICR program requirements.


ICR does not discriminate against any project, client, or stakeholder based on factors such as race, nationality, religion, gender, or any other irrelevant criteria. ICR ensures equal treatment for all parties involved.

Continuous Monitoring and Improvement

ICR is committed to ongoing monitoring and improvement of its impartiality policies and practices. Regular reviews and assessments will be conducted to identify areas where impartiality can be enhanced.

Reporting and Complaints

ICR encourages all stakeholders to report any concerns or issues related to impartiality. Complaints will be thoroughly investigated, and corrective actions will be taken as necessary.


ICR will adhere to all relevant international standards and guidelines, and VVB shall adhere to ISO 14065 to ensure impartiality and objectivity in its validation and verification processes.

This Impartiality Policy reflects our unwavering commitment to upholding impartiality and objectivity in all our activities, thereby maintaining trust and credibility in the services we provide.

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