Authenticate as an organization

You can make make API requests that affect resources owned by an organization by creating an organization access token.

Using an organization access token to access organization resources

First go to the organization's dashboard that you want to have access to using the api. Click the Create access token button and fill in the information needed, name, description and choose how long this access token should last. Note, you can choose a custom end-date for the token but we recommend to use short timeframes. Setting the end-date to 100years in the future, even though this is supported, it is not recommended.

Remember to choose the permissions this token will have by clicking the Organization permission accordion. Now when that is all done you can click saveย  and your newly created access token will be displayed. You need to copy the token and store it yourself, we do not store the tokens so if it is lost you'll need to generate a new one.

Then, use that access token in the Authorization header of the REST API.

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