๐Ÿ‘ฅICR Stakeholder forum

The International Carbon Registry (ICR) Stakeholder Forum is designed to be an interactive and collaborative platform primarily for stakeholders involved in the carbon market. This forum encompasses a range of participants, including buyers of International Carbon Credits (ICCs), affected entities, and other relevant parties, facilitating their engagement with the ICR.

The key objectives of the ICR Stakeholder Forum are centered around enhancing communication and understanding. It serves as a unified platform for stakeholders to communicate with the ICR, share feedback, and address concerns, thereby fostering a deeper understanding of the ICR's Program and initiatives. The forum is also instrumental in promoting collaborative engagement between stakeholders and the ICR, aiming to improve the quality and effectiveness of the ICR's processes. A significant focus is also on quality assurance, enhancing transparency in the project registration and verification processes, and contributing to the continuous improvement of project development and registration practices.

This initiative is open to various stakeholders, with eligibility extended to organizations and individuals involved with ICCs and/or GHG projects. The forum is operated under the oversight of an administrator appointed by the ICR and convenes regularly through virtual meetings to facilitate international participation. The forum structure encourages active participation, constructive sharing of insights, and adherence to established guidelines to achieve its objectives effectively.

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