๐Ÿ’ฌLeadership and Commitment

5.1 ISO 9001:2015

ICRยดs leadership comprises the CEO, COO, CTO, CPO, CSO, and the ICRยดs board, and it is considered top management. The leadership commits to continuous development and implementation of the QMS by:

a) Taking responsibility for the effectiveness of the QMS;

b) Ensuring that the quality policy and objectives are set for the QMS and its processes, which are consistent with the external strategy and context of the company;

c) Ensuring the integration of the QMS requirements and the requirements of the standard ISO 14064-2, ISO 14064-3, ISO 14065, and ISO 14066 with other activities of the company, as applicable;

d) Promoting personnel and external party awareness of the QMS;

e) Ensuring that necessary resources are available for the QMS;

f) Communicating the importance of effective quality management, compliance with the management system requirements, and meeting the requirements of the standards ISO 14064-2, ISO 14064-3 ISO 14065, and ISO 14066;

g) Ensuring that the QMS achieves the intended results;

h) Participating, guiding, and supporting personnel and external parties in contributing to the effectiveness of the QMS;

i) Promoting continuous improvements;

j) Supporting the appropriate management roles of others to demonstrate their leadership as appropriate for their areas of responsibility.

The procedure of ICR's board review includes ensuring the satisfaction of its customers by identifying their needs and expectations. These are translated into requirements that ICR shall meet to ensure customer satisfaction. At the same time, ICR ensures that the interests it needs to protect are secured, including impartiality and the requirements made to ICR according to laws, rules, and standards, including ISO 14065, where relevant.

This is done by ensuring that:

a) Customer and relevant legal and regulatory requirements are determined, understood, and always met;

b) Risks and opportunities that may affect the consistency of the service provided by ICR and the ability to increase customer satisfaction are identified, assessed, and addressed;

c) Impartiality is maintained in all respects;

d) The emphasis on increasing customer satisfaction is maintained;

e) The emphasis is placed on continually meeting the requirements of the standard ISO 9001, and projects meet the requirements of ISO 14064-2, and VVB are accredited for ISO 14065 and follow ISO 14064-3 for their assessments.

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