๐Ÿ‘ฅICR Project Proponent and Developer forum

The ICR Project Proponent and Developer Forum is primarily intended to be a collaborative space, bringing together project proponents (PPs) and developers (PDs) with the International Carbon Registry (ICR).

The key objective of this forum is to create a dynamic environment for knowledge exchange, where members can share experiences, discuss evolving standards and methodologies, and stay abreast of regulatory changes and best practices in greenhouse gas (GHG) project development.

It aims to foster collaboration between PDs and the ICR, enhancing the quality and effectiveness of project registration processes. Additionally, the forum serves as a vital platform for ICR Program engagement, allowing PDs to address program-related challenges collectively.

A strong emphasis is also placed on capacity building and professional development, ensuring alignment with evolving industry standards.

Lastly, the forum is committed to quality assurance, enhancing transparency and understanding of the project registration and verification processes, thereby contributing to the continuous improvement of project development and registration practices.

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