๐Ÿ‘คChief Science Officer (CSO)

Chief Science Officer (CSO): Leads the development, management, and operation of the ICR Program and ensures it aligns with the company's mission.

  • Registry Operations: Directly responsible for managing the operation of the registry, ensuring its smooth functioning and reliability.

  • Standards Compliance:

    • Ensures that all ICR activities comply with relevant standards, including ISO 14064-2 and other applicable environmental and quality management standards.

    • Oversees the implementation and maintenance of systems and processes to ensure continuous compliance.

  • Program Integrity:

    • Upholds the integrity of the ICR's programs, ensuring transparency, accuracy, and reliability in all registry activities and carbon credit transactions.

    • Promotes ethical practices and ensures that all operations adhere to the highest standards of environmental and corporate responsibility.

  • VVB (Validation and Verification Body) Oversight:

    • Oversees the activities of Validation and Verification Bodies to ensure they adhere to specified standards and provide accurate and impartial verification and validation services.

    • Ensures that VVBs conduct their activities in alignment with ICR's objectives and compliance requirements.

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