๐Ÿ‘คAmit Sharma


Mr. Amit Sharma is a global climate-tech leader, a serial entrepreneur, an impact investor, a public speaker, and an author. Mr. Sharma is currently on the advisory board of the Point Carbon Zero Programme - a joint initiative of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and Google as part of the GreenPrint Project of the Singapore Government.

Mr. Sharma also serves on the board of a few climate-tech, fintech, and circular economy startups and is in the process of launching a new Sustainability Fund approved in principle by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Mr. Sharma was actively involved in the last 12 months in evaluating, advising, and mentoring global climate-tech companies that participated in the Climate Finance Accelerator managed by KPMG, Singapore, and, as a result, got access to a pre-qualified deal flow of climate finance startups.

Mr. Sharma is also a member of the Renewable Energy Council of the Blockchain-Climate Institute, UK (a progressive think tank providing leading expertise in climate and sustainability actions).

Mr. Sharma has a track record of running successful technology businesses in Asia, where he first started SPREAD Pte. Ltd. (A Climate Tech Advisory Firm) in 2018, which was selected at the Cleantech 2018 cohort in San Francisco, California. SPREAD was supported by way of grants from the Singapore Government to bring in 'Sustainability Integrityโ€™ by leveraging the convergence of IoT (Internet of Things) and Blockchain to deal with the greenwashing issue. The convergence of IoT & Blockchain makes Voluntary Carbon Markets more efficient and transparent is a topic close to Mr. Sharmaโ€™s heart.

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