๐Ÿ‘คChief Technology Officer (CTO)

Chief Technology Officer (CTO): Responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of technological strategies, ensuring that technology resources align with the ICR's business needs.

  • Technology Strategy:

    • Develops and oversees the implementation of the organization's technology strategy, ensuring it aligns with overall business goals and enhances operational efficiency.

    • Evaluates and integrates new technologies that can support the ICR's objectives.

  • Data Management and Security:

    • Ensures the effective management of data, including the accuracy, accessibility, and reliability of information stored in the ICR registry.

    • Implements robust security measures to protect sensitive data against unauthorized access, breaches, and other cyber threats.

  • Innovation and Development:

    • Leads the research and development of new technological solutions and tools to enhance the ICR's capabilities in registration, validation, and verification.

    • Fosters a culture of innovation within the technology team, encouraging creative problem-solving and technological advancement.

  • Technical Compliance:

    • Ensures that all technological processes and systems comply with relevant standards, including IT and data security standards.

    • Coordinates with the CSO to ensure technology implementations meet ICR program and compliance requirements.

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