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Welcome to ICR documentation

The ICR is an innovative GHG program and a modern registry platform addressing the key issues and barriers of project development.
If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch, and we'll respond to your request as promptly as possible.


The ICR is a comprehensive GHG program and a climate registry solution that offers a range of tools to help to manage greenhouse gas (GHG) projects. With our platform, you gain access to a variety of standards and an advanced inventory software solution, which allows you to easily manage carbon credits from ideation to issuance and sales.
Our platform is designed to provide you with a one-stop-shop for all your GHG project needs. Whether you're looking to track your credits, validate your project, or sell your carbon credits, we've got you covered.
Our platform features a range of tools to help you manage your GHG projects. You can choose from multiple methodologies or start fresh with a new one to achieve your goals, and our inventory software solution is designed to make it easy to track your carbon credits.


ICR is an initiative in Iceland to facilitate financing climate projects while safeguarding environmental integrity and contributing to a sustainable and low-carbon economy. The ICR serves as a platform for climate projects of any size where environmental integrity is promoted with credibility, consistency, and transparency of quantification, monitoring, reporting, validation, and verification. ICR recognizes the need to scale and accelerate the decarbonization of the economy, with climate financing for climate projects avoiding or reducing GHG emissions and sequestering or removing GHG from the atmosphere. ICR also recognizes the need to bring prominent technologies and nature-based solutions to light that have yet to establish a methodology according to the CDM or other GHG Programs but need the financial support of the emerging carbon markets to be viable. Therefore, the ICR is based on ISO standards, resulting in a more flexible, effective and efficient adoption of innovative climate solutions.
ICR's mission is to build confidence in the carbon market for investors, project developers, corporations, the environmental community, authorities, and the public based on the application of ISO standards. The goal is to facilitate the necessary scaling of the voluntary carbon markets and the underlying climate solutions and utilize the market mechanism for real climate impacts. By that, financing climate projects viable for a fast transition to a low-carbon economy can be accelerated.

ICR program structure

Project cycle

Simplified summary of project lifecycle
Everything you need to know about the principles a climate project must conform to, the required documentation, and the process of registering with the International Carbon Registry (ICR) is available on this site. In addition, downloadable pdf and docx files.
These documents are updated periodically. Please check this page regularily to ensure you are using the latest version.
Requirements are the criteria all projects must conform to in order to be validated and are set out under the Criteria section.
Procedures are specified way to carry out an activity or a process. Under the Procedural section you can find procedures relevant to the ICR program.
The Support section provides you with definitions and summary of methodologies.
Projects need to apply ICR templates for documenting projects under the Template section you can find templates relevant to the project cycle.
To get you familirized with the platform please read our user guide.
Using the registry and the ICR program is subject to terms and conditions. Here you can find our Terms and Conditions.
All current and previous versions of documentation of the ICR program can be downloaded from the Document library.

Get Started with the registry platform

We're working on user guides for the registry. Check soon for updates.
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