Fee Schedule 2023-2024

Last updated: 6/7/2023

Account Fees[1]

Personal account (General User)
Organizational account (retirement only)
Organizational account
500 USD/yr.
Project proponent/developer account [2]
750 USD/yr.

Project Charges

Methodology review fee
1.500 USD per review
Concept note review fee
750 USD per note
Project registration
750 USD per project (one time)
Pipeline fee
250 USD per project (one time)

Issuance and Credit Fees

Issuance Fee (per credit)
Ex-Post issuance fee
0.16 USD/t CO2-e
Ex-Ante issuance fee
0.25 USD/t CO2-e
Ex-Ante activation fee (paid by buyer)
0.02 USD/t CO2-e
Secondary transfer (change of ownership) [5]
0.02 USD/t C02-e
Retirement of credits
Future-proof prices [4]
0.10 USD/t CO2-e

Validation and verification bodies

Validation/verification body annual fee[3]
0 USD/yr

Integrations and addons

Per service
[1] Account fees are applicable for organizations each organization can have multiple users for each account.
[2] A single account may be used to manage multiple projects and to manage projects that are participating in more than one schemes under the registry platform. It is thus not necessary to open separate accounts for each project or scheme.
[3] Validation and verification bodies shall establish a General User Account.
[4] Disclaimer: This plan solely secures your future issuance costs at the stated price. However, it does not guarantee issuance or affect the validation and verification process. Remember, it's a tool to hedge against future price volatility, not an assurance of service provision.
[5] Transfer fees are collected on secondary transfers with in the registry. Initial transfer from proponent/developer is included free.