The ICR procedures are a set of established steps or guidelines for different stakeholders to follow.
To complement the ICR requirements, the ICR procedures are to provide procedural requirements for the registration and issuance process, and project proponents need to follow.
In the ICR process requirements, details of the registration are outlined. It provides the process of the registration process and issuance of carbon credits.
Project cycle
A methodology approval is the process of approving a new methodology for application for a specific project.
The process involves a detailed assessment of the proposed methodology to ensure that it is scientifically sound, transparent, and robust enough to accurately quantify GHG emissions reductions or removals. The assessment is carried out by a validation and verification body, who may also consult with technical experts to assess the methodology.
The approval process typically involves several stages, including the submission of a project design document (PDD) outlining the application of the proposed methodology, a review and assessment of the PDD by the validation body, a public comment period to allow stakeholders to provide feedback on the methodology and final approval by the ICR.
Once the methodology has been approved, it can be used at the project level for registration and issuance of carbon credits to be used by organizations to offset their emissions or meet their emissions reduction targets and may simplify the documentation of each project. The application of approved methodologies helps to ensure the consistency and integrity of climate projects by ensuring that emissions reductions are accurately quantified and verified.
Methodology approval process
The ICR board procedures are a set of rules and guidelines that govern the way the ICR board operates. These procedures include rules for making decisions and communicating with stakeholders. The procedures are designed to ensure that the board operates effectively and efficiently and transparently.
The program advisory board is a group of individuals who provide non-binding strategic advice and support to the ICR. The role of the advisory board is to provide guidance and expertise on specific areas of the ICR operations. The advisory board members have specialized knowledge or experience in carbon markets and are chosen for their ability to offer valuable insights and advice.